Puzzletree Music

Reel Magic

Natural light, beautiful surroundings, great sounds.

Puzzle Tree studio is serenely positioned on ten acres on an island outside of Seattle, WA. While removed from the city rush, the studio features some of the best equipment available.

The heart of the studio is a Trident Series 80 console, featuring 16 “classic” modules and 16 “hi-def” modules, and a total of 80 inputs at mixdown! Recording takes place via a Pro Tools HDX system, with 32 ins & outs. The studio has a host of high-end outboard gear from API, BAE, Manley, Empirical Labs, Summit, Smart Research, Pueblo Audio, with monitoring through a pair of Adam S3As, as well as Yamaha NS-10s. Acoustic treatment for the studio was provided by ASC, and there is a wide selection of vintage instruments and amplifiers to choose from.

Click, It's Like A Tour

Mmmmm...........natural light.
The live room.  Ceiling vaults to 14' high.  Floor is bamboo.
Trident Series 80 5.1 surround console. 80 inputs at mixdown!
Ain't nothing like the real thing: Sohmer grand piano from the 1920's. We've also got a vintage Hammond B3 from the 1950s.
Sweet vintage drums, amps, and guitars abound.
We've got only the highest quality outboard gear.

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