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The Droge & Summers Blend

Volume Two (2014)

Cameron Crowe says, “When Pete and Elaine sing together it's nourishing and soul-scratching and timeless and fleeting and pure and unforgettable.  It's more than music, it's a souvenir of the best in all of us.  Viva The Droge & Summers Blend!”


Pete Droge

A Lot Like You (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2011)

Pete Droge contributed an original soundtrack for director Eliaichi Kimaro’s film, A Lot Like You.


The Droge & Summers Blend

Volume One (2009)

Droge is Pete Droge. Summers is Elaine Summers. Blend is a blend of the two.


Pete Droge

Under The Waves (2006)

Stone Gossard says, “The wisdom of the songs, words and rhythm feels timeless and at the same time fresh. In both production and arrangement this work feels universal and urgent. You can sense an awakening to deeper levels of expression."


Pete Droge

Skywatching (2003)

Features "Small Times Blues" from Almost Famous


Pete Droge

Spacey And Shakin (1998)

Pete Droge says, "This record was written very much with my touring band, The Sinners, in mind. It's a great showcase for the immense talents of Peter Stroud, Dave Hull, Rob Brill and Elaine Summers."


Pete Droge

Find A Door (1996)

Produced by Brendan O'Brien, Find A Door was Pete's sophomore release.

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