The Droge & Summers Blend

Volume One (2009)

The operative word is “blend,” the sort that you can only achieve after having lived and worked together for so many years. This is music born of a deep bond: It’s what holds it together. It’s there in the spaces between the words, and in the places where one voice blurs with the other to become something new.

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    CD purchase includes a link to immediately download the Digital Hi-Fi package.
    Our digipacks are manufactured using 100% recycled stock & vegetable based inks.

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    Our MP3s are encoded at 320kb, directly from the 96k/24bit masters. Includes digital booklet.

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  • Deluxe Edition


    Deluxe Edition Includes:
    • Volume One CD + Hi-Fi Download
    • Volume Two CD + Hi-Fi Download
    • Coffee Mug SEE IT!
    • 11 x 17 Full Color Poster SEE IT!

    PLEASE NOTE: If you already own Volume One &/or Volume Two and are interested in purchasing Mug or Poster individually, contact us.

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